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NLP Persuasion Skills on Steroids with Rintu Basu

NLP Persuasion Skills on Steroids
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Many NLP and Hypnosis Trainers can't or won't train you to unleash the power of Covert Persuasion Skills. "Do you want the skills to: Command attention, Get people to say yes, Generate more business but struggle with confusing, theoretical and downright unworkable hypnotic persuasion techniques?"

What if you could get into the mind of an Internationally Acclaimed Best Selling NLP Persuasion Skills Author and download his skills directly into your head?"

Siegfried - "Understanding his tricks of the trade and watching the videos again is like stepping into the mind of a master persuader."

Kevin - "Who else does this? How many seminars have you been to that have a separate class after the event to teach you how they persuaded the audience? None??.......Rintu does!"

Edward - "DANGEROUS. This material is DANGEROUS. Think twice before you get it. This is like playing with dynamite."

Anna - "Imagine my surprise and excitement when, after getting mid-way through his ‘Black Book' course (and doing all the exercises, of course), I realized that reframes, language patterns, embedded commands, etc. started popping up in my language without any conscious effort."

From the Desk of:

Rintu Basu

International Best Selling Author

The Persuasion Skills Black Book

Wednesday 2:06 pm

Almost every human endeavour requires some level of persuasion skills. Even if you are the only person involved, you still need to persuade yourself to stay focused and motivated. So it would make sense to develop your hypnotic persuasion skills. To me it is just an application of the 80/20 rule.

A small increase in your persuasive ability means a huge shift in the results that you can get over time. As an experiment think this through for a few moments.

Where do you want to be in the next six months, this time next year and in five years time?
Would using some element of persuasion play any part in securing that future?
If they do how much further forward would you be if you had just a 1% increase in your skills?
If you can see the sense in this you must have looked into developing your hypnotic persuasion skills before. So here is another question for you.

Are you frustrated reading about Powerful, Covert Hypnotic Persuasion Skills and every time you go to learn anything you immediately get plunged into a world of strange phrases, bizarre buzz words and incomprehensible theory?

I went through the same when I first started to learn about hypnotic persuasion skills. I took hundreds of courses, read thousands of books and even did all the exercises however bizarre they seemed. For over thirty years I dedicated myself to studying all the material that was around and several questions kept coming up:

If these guys are so good at hypnotic persuasion skills why aren't they using these skills to train me in these skills?
If these guys are experts in communication why am I so confused by the content of their books and courses?
Do these guys actually use these skills for anything or are they just making a buck trying to teach them to me?

I discovered some Communication Skills Trainers don't use and often don't know how to use the material they are supposed to be delivering to you.

How frustrated would you be after hundreds of hours of studying not being any further forward in learning how to use language patterns in your personal, professional or social life. And then finding out the people that are delivering the content don't know how to use it themselves?

Some NLP Trainers in an effort to look clever have hyped up and overcomplicated Hypnotic Language Patterns to the point of incomprehensibility. But that's not all. How crazy is it that they try and teach you about brain chemistry, motor neurone functions and advanced grammar when all you want is to learn are persuasive patterns that work?

When you want to watch TV do you want someone to explain electricity, how they transmit and receive pictures over the airwaves and the internal workings of a television set or do you want them to explain the buttons on the remote control and just let you pick some programmes to watch?

Some Hypnosis Trainers have gone so far into the theory of how it works that they have forgotten that there was a reason why you want to learn the material in the first place.

I have spoken with hypnosis trainers who will tell you that you should not use hypnotic tools without first asking permission from the "client". I was banned from an NLP Practice group for just suggesting that you could use these tools for sales and business. I have had a variety of hypnotists and NLPers telling me that I am being irresponsible for teaching this material in case someone "dangerous" gets their hand on it.

But there are some Great Trainers out there
You could spend thousands of dollars and several days sat at the feet of the Covert Persuasion Skills Gurus as they distill their wisdom.

It is not just about the time spent on the course though. If you are going to invest a large sum of money, plus the travel and accommodation you really want to make sure you are getting something valuable. So you need to investigate the trainer and spend time evaluating the course to make sure it is exactly what you need.

To get the best value from any course you need to do some pre-course studying. Then when you come home you have to spend your time integrating all the new knowledge into your life before you lose it through non-use. That means post-course self-coaching.

You can get great results this way, I know, I have done enough of it. I get people regularly spend the time and money with me and they get great results but quite frankly there are only a select few that have the resources and opportunity to learn in this fashion.

But what if you could EASILY learn covert hypnotic techniques to get people to do what you want and thank you for the opportunity afterwards?

How would you feel if you have a world class hypnotic persuasion skills trainer on tap, who is prepared to demonstrate every pattern first on you, then on others so you can watch the impact and also deconstruct exactly what he is doing so you can put it back together in a way that you can immediately go and use it?

This was my thinking which led me to create:

Persuasion Skills on Steroids Deconstructed

This course is not another jargon loaded, theoretical tongue twisting pile of tripe that has no relevance to the real world. The course I have created will help you to:

Use powerful hypnotic training concepts to consciously learn covert persuasion skills whilst also suddenly finding yourself using them in everyday situations.

Discover the one distinction that many wannabe hypnotists completely fail to grasp that will allow you to drop people into a deep hypnotic trance within seconds every time.

Dramatically increase your persuasive ability to getting the date, the job and the sale within minutes of picking up the programme.

The course is a transcript of a three hours Persuasion Skills on Steroids Seminar. It is transcribed "warts and all" and it includes my notes deconstructing the action, why I made the choices I made and how you can adapt the patterns for your own use.

In it you will find everything from The Persuasion Skills Black Book Master Training Programme plus more demonstrated overtly and covertly and completely deconstructed by me. I discuss the impact on the audience as I use these patterns overtly and covertly on them. The whole course is transcribed.

But what makes this course unique is my notes explaining:

The patterns that I am using covertly
Things to notice about the impact on the audience
Voice shifts and non-verbal anchoring that I use
Sensory acuity, what to look for and what to do about it when you have found it
Why I selected particular patterns to use
Suggestions on how to use these patterns in different contexts
Ideas on how to practice these skills and patterns

Value: $297
More Info: homepage

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NLP Persuasion Skills on Steroids with Rintu Basu

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