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Mark Cunningham – The Secrets of Erotic Hypnosis (2010)
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Amazing Hypnosis Secrets
That You Can Use To
Give Women Non-Stop Orgasms
Here is your personal invitation to
be one of the select men on the planet to
apply the powerful secrets of Erotic Hypnosis
to give women mind-bending sexual pleasure!

The highly sensual methods of “Primal Hypnosis” that women find exciting
and irresistible with a man they trust.
Powerful hypnotic techniques decoded and demystified. Made so SIMPLE any man can
use them.
Discover how you can unleash the unlimited power of a woman’s subconscious mind to
have intense sexual sensations and enhanced pleasure responses to your touch, your words, or
simply being near you!
Hypnotic secrets you can use to give women longer, stronger orgasms… the most
deeply satisfying orgasms she’s ever felt!
Proven formulas to get any woman so excited about being hypnotized so she will
literally beg you by saying “DO ME NOW!”

Wild Screaming Orgasm Discover the secrets
of giving women endless
orgasms using hypnosis!

David Shade
Monday, November 7, 2011

Dear Friend

If you are a man who would like to know how to lead your woman through sensual experiences beyond
her wildest imaginings…

And to give her a steady unending parade of new and different orgasms on your command…

Then this will be the most exciting message you will ever read.

Here is why.

I recently witnessed a hypnosis demonstration that was so amazing, even I was speechless. It
involved three attractive young women in a sound studio Los Angeles.

Before it was over, all three women were easily having powerful knee-buckling body-shaking
orgasms. Each stronger than the last.

Simply because the hypnotist told them to!

These women were fully clothed and there was no touching of any ‘private’ areas.

Now, I realize this kind of story can be hard to believe. Fortunately we got it on video so you
can see for yourself. (See video above)
Science Is Finally Catching Up To Hypnosis

“We have documented in our laboratory that women can have orgasms from imagery alone without
touching their body.

Orgasms have been described as being elicitable from any part of the body — the mouth, the
nipples, the anus, the hand”

The Science of Orgasm John’s Hopkins Press 2006

“Achieving orgasm, brain-imaging studies show, involves more than heightened arousal.

It requires a release of inhibitions and control for females in which the various areas of the
brain involved in controlling thoughts and emotions become silent.”


Scientific American
The Orgasmic Mind: The Neurological Roots of Sexual Pleasure
April 2008

Research suggests another way that women’s brains are different than men’s when it comes to sex:
some women can “think themselves off” — induce orgasm without any physical

This knowledge might help make sex more pleasurable for women.

Dr. Barry Komisaruk
Rutgers University
Pleasures of the Brain: Neural Bases of Sensory Pleasure. Oxford University Press.

How is this possible???

Because, as I have been teaching men for years…
For a woman, sex is
ultimately entirely mental

Now to be honest, there was a time when I, like most men, thought being a good lover meant
knowing positions, where to touch, and some foreplay.

I learned the hard way just how wrong I was, when I discovered my wife cheated on me with a
bad-boy. Then she divorced me and took off with half of everything I owned. It took me years to
recover, both psychologically and financially.

But, I’m the kind of guy who likes to turn a tragedy into a triumph, so I made it my mission to
figure out how to flip a woman’s sexual switch to the permanent ON position.

The big insight for me happened when I discovered that for women, her biggest sex organ is her

This is one of the most important ‘secrets’ I teach men about female sexuality. Once I realized
sex for a woman was mental, I wanted to find…
The most powerful way to
tap into a woman’s mind.

And that is hypnosis. With hypnosis you have complete control over her mind.

So I sought out the most powerful hypnotist I could find. One who was an expert at hypnosis,
understood women, and understood sexuality.

That man was Mark Cunningham.

More than just teach me hypnosis, he also showed me what is possible when it comes to women and

When you use hypnosis to unleash the highly sexual female mind, you can:

Create a Feel-So-Good space within minutes of taking her into trance, so any
inhibitions or fears are simply “forgotten” and unlimited sexual pleasure just makes
natural sense to her!
Use the “Trance of Infinite Pleasure” to help your lover experience waves
of orgasmic sensations unlike anything she’s ever known!
Bring her innermost ultimate fantasies to life and make them so vivid they seem
real. Because the content is drawn from the mind, her experience can be different every time!

For years I have been telling stories about Mark and the insights I have learned from him.

Mark has been a legend in underground seduction and sexuality communities for almost 20 years.
You might even know him as “Major Mark”.

Taking a hypnosis training with Mark changed my life. I came home and hypnotized my girlfriend to
do things neither of us thought possible just a week earlier.
She had a full-body orgasm,
still fully clothed while in trance!

My jaw nearly hit the floor!

Combining hypnosis with sex is one of the most amazing things I’ve done to make the quality of my
sex life better!

Guys who buy my programs have been begging me for years to do a program with Mark that shows them
step-by-step how to hypnotize their woman. They want to learn hypnosis, but don’t want to become
certified hypnotists or professional hypnotherapists.

They just want hot sensual erotic hypnosis!

For many years Mark was only teaching hypnosis for therapy and self improvement. (His training
courses were always packed and by his own admission he doesn’t promote them very much.)

However, finally he said to me,

“I’m done being famous, I want to be infamous again. It’s a lot more fun!”

This is good news for you, because Mark finally agreed to join me in putting together a program
on how to use erotic hypnosis for better sex. It was the first time ever Mark has done a joint
program like this.

I can’t tell you how excited I was to be doing this special program with Mark! We were like two
kids wired on halloween candy planning this program. And it paid off because…

It is fabulous!

This program was designed so you will feel completely confident in your ability to hypnotize
humans, and specifically how to hypnotize women to give them enhanced sexual pleasure.
It doesn’t matter if you have never
hypnotized another person in your life!

You do the drills you get the skills. It’s our guaranteed promise to you.
Unfulfilled Sexual Desires It’s FUN & Easy to
Hypnotize Women

Listen, you may have tried to hypnotize someone before and it didn’t work. It’s OK. You’re not
alone. There are lots of guys who have been afraid to try it with their woman because they didn’t
have hands on training.

Listen, I understand you don’t want to try something and have a woman think it’s weird. That’s
why we put together this program. And the really good news is…
Hypnosis Is Easy
When You Know How

For years, millions of people around the world have used hypnosis to change their lives. Whether
they needed to lose weight, quit smoking, get rid of chronic pain or just relieve stress, they
all found success by unlocking the power of their own mind through hypnotic trance.

Now that same incredible power has been brought to the world of sexual gratification, and is
available to you!

And you’ll be learning from a Master Hypnotist. Mark has over 30,000 hours of clinical hypnosis
experience (his clients are mostly women), and has been training people how to be hypnotists for
over 15 years.
Erotic Hypnosis allows you to connect
with the special part of the brain that relays
messages to her body and sexual organs

Imagine being able to give your woman intense pleasure from a simple touch or whispering a secret
code word in her ear!

Imagine being able to help her overcome any inhibitions or guilt she has about fully enjoying sex
so she can fully let go with you!

Imagine her having orgasms when she gives you oral sex!

Imagine her having little kiss-gasms every time she kisses you on the lips!

Imagine giving her multiple orgasms on command, over and over again, each more powerful than the

This and more are possible and easy when you know how!

Here is just a taste of what will
be revealed in this eye-opening program:

How to quickly & easily hypnotize your woman! (or any woman)
How to give her MULTIPLE mind-blowing ORGASMS… no touching required! (As many as
she can stand, and then a few more!)
What hypnosis is and even more important… what it is not! (We cut right through
the bullshit because the only thing that matters is RESULTS)
The single most important trance state. (where techniques work 100%)
How to take ANY fear, guilt or inhibition she’s having sexually and make it
dissolve from her mind. (She’ll thank you for making the ‘impossible’ happen)
The powerful yet surprisingly simple hypnotic formula which will have you instantly
trancing your lover out even if you have no prior experience!
How to take simple everyday words and weave it into hypnotic trance language almost
impossible to resist.
Why women LOVE to be hypnotized! (It’s like offering cats a can of tuna, as long as
they feel safe, they come running)
How to lead her mind so she can fully experience her natural sexual responses and
fully act on them!
The single most powerful induction in modern hypnosis that will have her go into
trance and under your spell. (Yes, it sounds incredible, but you will experience this for
How to create a Feelgood Feedback loop that actually sucks them deeper into trance.
The more she follows your suggestions, the better she feels and the deeper she goes.
The secrets of Instant Intimacy Enhancement. (Warning: Not for casual partners)
How to take an already proven powerful and effective system (hypnosis) and take
your sex life to a completely new levels of excitement and intimacy.
How to give a woman a ‘taste’ of hypnotically enhanced sensations of ecstasy. Once
you do… she will be highly enthusiastic to be hypnotized by you!
The critical first-step to using the powerful tools of sexual hypnosis with your
wife or girlfriend. (Get this wrong and she may say no!)
How to hypnotize her in hundreds of ways so pleasurable and beneficial, she’ll find
it impossible to want to resist.
Mark’s mesmerizing method of Conditioning With Pleasure! (It’s like an aphrodisiac
of the mind)
How to amplify even the smallest sensations for her (You’ll be able to see the
change by the expression on her face)
The fun way to electrify a woman’s ‘hard wiring’ with simple hypnotic suggestions.
(light up her whole body with only the sound of your voice.)
The secrets of irresistible hypnotic suggestions!
How to use hypnosis to help women eliminate their sexual frustrations and
challenges with orgasms.
How to handle any concerns or objections she may have to hypnosis. (You’ll know how
to handle it)
How to use your new found power as a hypnotist as a force for good with any woman
who comes into your life. (Be the most respected and influential lover she’s ever had)
Make your woman cum continuously for as long as you want! (even hour long
How to think like a Master Hypnotist and use anything she says as a launch pad to a
sexy and exciting trance experience. (This is a great way to use her favorite fantasies)
The lazy hypnotist’s way to instantly drop your lover into trance!
How to overcome her objections and fears in minutes – sometimes faster – and
without appearing aggressive.
Give her the gift of “thoughtgasms”, feelings of delightful pleasure
whenever she is a success in her life.
How we humans create our own “Thought Traps” and how you can liberate
your lover from being ‘stuck’ in one.
How to set ‘triggers’ you can use to give her a titillating orgasms… Anywhere!
Anytime you want! (even in public)

There is much more, but you get the idea. You’ll get all the tools & techniques to make
hypnosis work for you. Every time!
So… why would any woman WANT
to be hypnotized by her man?

Most women are already curious about hypnosis. And they are open to experiencing hypnosis. Any
professional hypnotist will tell you 80% – 95% of their clients are women.

But why would a woman let her man hypnotize her using the techniques of Erotic Hypnosis???

Many reasons, but let’s look at what’s in it for her:

Sex will NEVER be boring

Women are sexually frustrated with boring sex, especially if there is little or no foreplay, or
the man doesn’t seduce her mind, or the worse possible outcome… he always orgasms and she never

Erotic Hypnosis adds infinite new possibilities to your sex play. And it directly engages her
mind. There is no way sex will ever be boring!

She gets to feel ULTRA-feminine & sexy

Even in this modern world of equality, women want to feel feminine and sexy. Especially with her

In trance she can let go of all inhibitions, cultural programming, and her daily roles, so she
can be as sexy & feminine as possible all the while feeling totally safe and protected.

She gets to enjoy her naturally submissive side

When it comes to sex, no woman wants to have to be the leader. She wants (and expects) her man to
take charge.

When you are the hypnotist and she is the subject, and she trusts you and surrenders to you, and
you lead her through vivid highly erotic experiences… this is a powerful expression of your
dominance and allows her to savor her naturally submissive side with YOU!

Women have no upper limit on their ability to feel pleasure

For a man, an orgasm is typically an episode and requires recovery time before another is
possible. Women have no such limits to orgasms and orgasmic like pleasure sensations. A woman can
literally orgasm till she passes out.

Sadly… very few women ever get to experience their full potential for orgasmic pleasure!

With hypnosis she can quickly and easily feel incredible pleasure… far beyond anything she’s
ever experienced in her life. Best part is, once she knows how to do this, she can do it anytime,
“We almost got kicked out of the hotel!”
John and Christine, from Scandinavia

John and Christine attended my “Secrets of Erotic Hypnosis” seminar in Vegas in October 2010,
and at the end of the very first day of the seminar they immediately implemented the material in
their hotel room, but they almost got kicked out of the MGM Grand Hotel at 1:30 in the morning
for being too loud! In freakin’ Vegas!
Click PLAY to hear Christine describe what happened…

“I went home from the Erotic Hypnosis Seminar and I immediately gave my girlfriend hypnotic
pleasure (including hypnotic orgasms) way beyond anything she ever imagined is possible!
Thank you Mark & David!”
Matti P., Helsinki Finland
Click PLAY to hear Matti describe what happened…

She Gets More Pleasure And More Orgasms!
So What Do YOU Get?

You might have been thinking this seems to be all about her.

After all, she gets to feel more pleasure. She gets to have more orgasms. She gets to have more
intense erotic sensations all throughout her body.

So why would any guy want to do this? What the heck is in it for YOU?

Damn good question.

And I think you’ll like what you get.

Her ability to have orgasms will SkyRocket, she will want to have sex more often

There isn’t a woman alive who wouldn’t want more orgasms during sex. As her ability to have
orgasms more easily goes up, she is going to want to take advantage of the situation.

Women are already highly sexual beings. When her inhibitions are lowered and her orgasms
increased… she’s going to want as much pleasure as possible.

She will want you to feel as good as she does

When you can make her feel this good, she is going to want to return the favor big time. And
likely in ways you have never imagined possible!

You get what you want by giving her what she needs.

Lowered inhibitions will lead her to want to experiment with you

Sexual inhibitions are mostly from society, which means people you don’t even know are telling
you what you should do or not do sexually. Weird as it may seem, it’s a very strong unconscious
constraint that holds us back. Inside of trance inhibitions can be ‘forgotten’.

Once these are reduced, things once considered off-the-menu sexually start looking tasty. It’s
usually something rehearsed in fantasy, but never acted on. And women have some fantasies that
would make porn stars blush.

She won’t want to lose you

Women are frustrated when it comes to men. This is no secret.

When you are the man who can give her this kind of pleasure. Who can lead her through vivid and
exciting new experiences. Who can make her feel strong and smart, feminine and sexy, and who is
focused on HER pleasure.

She will think she’s won the man lottery! And she will want you to be that happiest
boyfriend/lover/husband in history.

Sex will be more fun and more pleasurable than ever before. And any woman who experiences what
you can show her with hypnosis will become insatiable.

Because there are no limits to what can happen in trance
EVERY TIME the sex can be better for her
and for you!

Your woman will have more and different types of pleasure than she’s ever known. She’ll have more
orgasms, and more intense orgasms. She will be happier and hornier than ever.

In fact, she’ll want to do very ‘kinky’ & naughty things with you! (you have been warned)

Mark Demonstrating
Erotic Hypnosis Seminar Videos
David and Mark held two SOLD OUT
Erotic Hypnosis seminars in Vegas.
Lucky for you, we video recorded one!
This is where anything resembling a ‘normal’ sex life ends,
and the extraordinary sex life begins!

Mark is famous for saying that hypnosis teaches you to be comfortable with power. You will move
through the world with confidence very few men have. Your relationships will be better, your sex
life will be better, and you and your woman will be happier.

You will have more confidence than you ever imagined. After all, This is how men ought to move
through the world, being masculine and strong and teaching women exactly how to feel incredible

Here’s what’s in this program:

The full “Secrets of Erotic Hypnosis” video recorded seminar with two of
the most infamous masters in the world of sexuality, seduction, and hypnosis. Professionally
recorded at the SOLD OUT seminar in Las Vegas in October 2010.
Fastest and most effective ways to hypnotize humans known! With multiple
demonstrations and ‘cheat sheet’.
Specific practice lessons to lock in learning and rapidly amplify your confidence
as a hypnotist.
Sexy erotic hypnotic fantasies and provocative role-play that women love.
Simple clear step-by-step instructions on what to do so you’ll know how to start
and run an effective hypnotic session with a woman to achieve the desired outcome… every
Simple tips and strategies to master Erotic Hypnosis faster and with less effort
than it takes most people to learn even the most simple hypnotic inductions!
Real world examples of how and when to use erotic hypnosis with your lover.
Specific instructions on how to introduce hypnosis to any relationship. No matter
if it’s your first date or soul-mate.
Easy to follow, fun & exciting seductive sessions for you both to enjoy.
Quick Start Guide to help you get up and running as quickly as possible.

More Info Here: http://www.masterful-lover.com/erotichypnosis/
Download link:
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