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Photoshop CS5 Extended One-on-One  3D Objects
Photoshop CS5 Extended One-on-One: 3D Objects
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In this installment of his Photoshop CS5 Extended One-on-One series, Deke McClelland shows how to draw six varieties of volumetric objects and manipulate them in 3D space. The course covers how to make 3D objects from 2D layers, wk with predefined 3D shapes such as spheres and cubes, impt 3D models drawn in other programs, and maximize the power of the Repoussé feature. Exercise files are included with the course.

Topics include:
* Spinning a 2D layer in 3D space
* Using basic 3D shapes
* Impting a 3D model as an OBJ file
* Expting a 3D model to the DAE fmat
* Painting directly on a 3D layer
* Wking with UV overlays
* Making a bump map
* Wking with 3D depth maps
* The medical applications of Photoshop 3D
* Creating 3D motion effects
* Revolving objects in 3D space
* Adjusting the depth of field
Introduction 36m 23s
Welcome 01m 44s
Making Photoshop your default image edit on a PC 04m 02s
Making Photoshop your default image edit on a Mac 05m 53s
Installing the dekeKeys keyboard shtcuts 04m 10s
Remapping Mac OS shtcuts 04m 00s
Establishing the best col settings 03m 53s
Constructing the ideal wkspace 03m 25s
Adjusting the interface settings 03m 06s
Establishing the best preference settings 06m 10s
7. Making a 3D Postcard 42m 34s
Flat 2D layers in 3D space 01m 06s
Making a 3D postcard 04m 12s
Combining extruded type with a postcard 05m 07s
Matching a postcard to a background image 07m 52s
Masking, blending, and lighting a scene 04m 55s
Editing type in a diffuse texture 03m 56s
Tying objects together with reflectivity 03m 59s
Adding defects with a bump map 05m 30s
Adding rust trails to metallic type 05m 57s
8. Creating a 3D Shape from a Preset 40m 15s
The challenge of the multi-mesh object 01m 07s
Introducing the 3D shape presets 06m 41s
Duplicating materials, camera, and position 03m 26s
Loading and editing diffuse textures 06m 15s
Creating texture-specific bump maps 04m 56s
Faking a 3D bevel with 2D layers 03m 42s
Creating a starburst effect with Repoussé 03m 12s
Making rays of light with a diffuse texture 03m 47s
Filtering a 3D object as a Smart Object 03m 40s
Blending a 3D cube with 2D effects 03m 29s
9. Impting 3D Models 01h 12m
Bringing models into Photoshop 00m 55s
Accessing 3D models and materials 03m 04s
Impting 3D models 05m 16s
Prepping 3D models f expt 03m 36s
Expting a model as a 3D shape preset 04m 05s
Creating a credible leather texture 04m 19s
Scaling and repeating a texture 05m 33s
Identifying and painting details in 3D 07m 28s
Fixing gaps in a custom diffuse texture 05m 43s
Wking with UV overlays 07m 27s
Navigating inside a complex UV map 09m 21s
Reflecting a partial environment map 03m 55s
Filling in missing parts of an environment 03m 50s
Making and painting a multilayer bump map 04m 40s
Simulating depth of field with a 2D filter 03m 28s
10. Creating 3D from a Depth Map 55m 26s
White is height, black is back 00m 56s
Introducing 3D depth maps 06m 03s
Cylindrical and spherical projections 07m 40s
The advantage of 16-bit depth maps 06m 54s
Creating a 3D object from a 16-bit gradient 04m 49s
Making a 3D object look huge and distant 06m 54s
Depth maps vs. displacement maps 04m 26s
Hand-painting and blurring a depth map 03m 37s
Coling a scene with lights and texture 04m 16s
Creating rips and tears in a 3D surface 07m 46s
Singeing the holes with 2D effects 02m 05s
11. Creating a 3D Volume from Layers 49m 35s
Science meets art 01m 19s
Making a 3D volume from DICOM layers 06m 05s
Render settings and transfer functions 05m 06s
Using 3D volumes as creative tools 05m 32s
Building one 3D object from another 05m 05s
Adding white peaks to hills 03m 01s
Creating synthetic rain 04m 23s
Rendering 3D motion trails 05m 30s
Matching independent objects in 3D space 06m 57s
Making ghostly type with layer effects 03m 03s
Boosting the highlights of a 3D composition 03m 34s
12. Advanced Repoussé 01h 03m
The baffling power of Repoussé 01m 01s
Repoussé and pixels vs. vect masks 06m 22s
Creating a 3D revolution 06m 32s
Making seamless textures and bump maps 06m 14s
Merging and reconciling different 3D objects 06m 44s
Assigning and adjusting depth of field 04m 08s
Extruding a long, bending object 09m 55s
Blending a photographic feground 05m 07s
Creating a custom contoured bevel 06m 27s
Moving one object between two others 06m 34s
When in doubt, move what's easiest 04m 39s
Conclusion 01m 03s
Until next time 01m 03s

Photoshop CS5 Extended One-on-One  3D Objects

Photoshop CS5 Extended One-on-One  3D Objects

Photoshop CS5 Extended One-on-One  3D Objects

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