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Transforming Debt Into Wealth by John Cummuta [67 MP3]
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Get completely out of debt (including your home mortgage), and start building real wealth, in five to seven years - with the money you already make!

Even if your credit cards are maxed out and you have a huge mortgage to pay off, you can still get rid of all your debt in about five to seven years and begin rapid wealth-building without sacrificing the things that matter most to you!

This is as close to a financial chain reaction as youll ever find. Youll be amazed how quickly your debts melt away, and how rapidly your net worth climbs! In this program, youll learn how to prioritize and pay off every penny of your debt in the shortest possible time. Youll discover how to operate 100% on cash ... even in emergencies... so youll NEVER need to use credit again.

Transforming Debt into Wealth will teach you how to focus every dollar youre currently using on debt payments toward building your wealth. And best of all, it will show you how to do all of this with the money you already make!

In addition to getting and staying out of debt, Transforming Debt into Wealth will show you how to attain REAL financial freedom. Youll also learn simple, no-hassle strategies for investing your money for long-term growth. And without debt dragging you down, youll be amazed at how quickly you can amass a fortune!

Believe it or not, after their debts have been paid off, most people can retire in about 5 to 7 years and they can achieve this using the money they are already bringing home! Far from being a lottery or a ~get rich quick~ scheme, this is a rock-solid plan a plan that will absolutely work for you a plan that will take you from debt to wealth.

Listen toTransforming Debt into Wealth today and get on the path to REAL financial independence.

In Transforming Debt into Wealth, youll learn:

How and why youve been misled and taken advantage of all your life by a system designed to keep you in a prison of debt.

How to stop car dealers from picking your pockets.

Why mortgage interest deductibility is the ~Tax Shelter~ lie.

How to calculate exactly when youll be completely out of debt and when youll be able to retire.

Specific ways to cut daily shopping expenses without sacrificing the things you want most.

A simple, low-risk/high-return strategy for ~stress-free~ wealth building.

How to retire early, with your investments providing all the income you need.

How to redefine the ~American Dream~ to fit your personal vision of success and happiness.

And more!


Disc 1\01 - Todays Financial realities.mp3
Disc 1\02 - Johns Story.mp3
Disc 1\03 - I will never be this vulnerable again.mp3
Disc 1\04 - Understanding the enemy.mp3
Disc 1\05 - The Joneses are going broke.mp3
Disc 1\06 - What the TDIW system will do for you.mp3
Disc 1\07 - How your pocket is picked.mp3
Disc 1\08 - Shop-aholics.mp3
Disc 1\09 - At first look at your spending.mp3
Disc 1\10 - The power of compound interest.mp3
Disc 2\01 - House Always Wins.mp3
Disc 2\02 - Car Interest Payments.mp3
Disc 2\03 - Mortgage Payments.mp3
Disc 2\04 - Developing An Anti-Credit Mindset.mp3
Disc 2\05 - Dont Promise Away Your Income.mp3
Disc 2\06 - Cutting Up The Credit Cards.mp3
Disc 2\07 - Your Ideal Day.mp3
Disc 2\08 - Setting Goals With Self-Honesty.mp3
Disc 2\09 - Staying Focused.mp3
Disc 2\10 - Visualizing Your Success.mp3
Disc 3\01 - Living Without Credit Cards.mp3
Disc 3\02 - Your Accelerator Margin.mp3
Disc 3\03 - An Example.mp3
Disc 3\04 - The Average Household.mp3
Disc 3\05 - Paying Off Your Mortgage Best Investment.mp3
Disc 3\06 - Some Emotional Benefits.mp3
Disc 3\07 - Where To Look For Your Accelerator Margin.mp3
Disc 3\08 - Ways To Save On Car.mp3
Disc 3\09 - Extended Waranties And Credit Life Ins..mp3
Disc 3\10 - Auto Ins..mp3
Disc 3\11 - More Ways To Save.mp3
Disc 3\12 - What Youre Really Teaching Your Kids.mp3
Disc 4\01 - Cash Only!.mp3
Disc 4\02 - The Bottom Line.mp3
Disc 4\03 - Watch Out For The CIA.mp3
Disc 4\04 - The Monthly Payment Trap.mp3
Disc 4\05 - Reducing Your Grocery Costs.mp3
Disc 4\06 - Reducing Clothing Costs.mp3
Disc 4\07 - Reducing Housing Costs.mp3
Disc 4\08 - Compound Interest.mp3
Disc 4\09 - An Ex. In Comp. Int. - Emergency Fund.mp3
Disc 4\10 - Mutual Funds.mp3
Disc 4\11 - Index Funds.mp3
Disc 4\12 - Analyzing Risk.mp3
Disc 4\13 - Johns Auto-Pilot Investing System.mp3
Disc 5\01 - Finding A Good Financial Advisor.mp3
Disc 5\02 - Your Homes Equity.mp3
Disc 5\03 - Two Ways To Invest In Real Estate.mp3
Disc 5\04 - Real Estate As A True Asset.mp3
Disc 5\05 - REITs.mp3
Disc 5\06 - Becoming A Small Business Owner.mp3
Disc 5\07 - Some Legal Issues.mp3
Disc 5\08 - Becoming An Intrapreneur.mp3
Disc 5\09 - Staying Current.mp3
Disc 5\10 - Will A Second Income Really Pay Off_.mp3
Disc 6\01 - Looking At Your Model.mp3
Disc 6\02 - Three Critical Truths.mp3
Disc 6\03 - True Wealth.mp3
Disc 6\04 - Getting Off The Gerbil Treadmill.mp3
Disc 6\05 - Is A New Location For You_.mp3
Disc 6\06 - Some Deeper Issues To Consider.mp3
Disc 6\07 - A Quick Review.mp3
Disc 6\08 - Keys One And Two.mp3
Disc 6\09 - Start NOW - Keys Three And Four.mp3
Disc 6\10 - Keys Five, Six, And Seven.mp3
Disc 6\11 - Keys Eight, Nine, And Ten.mp3
Disc 6\12 - Some Final Thoughts From John.mp3

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