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Ttcvideo ?Thomas F.x. Noble ?Late Antiquity: Crisis And Transformation
TTCVideo ?Thomas F.X. Noble ?Late Antiquity: Crisis and Transformation

Edward Gibbon’s stirring Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire painted an unforgettable portrait of the Roman Empire in a long,

debilitating slide to oblivion, culminating in an agonizing death at the hands of barbarian savages. But two centuries after Gibbon, historians have reevaluated this picture to create a radically different understanding of the period, which they now call "late antiquity."
This new view posits several fundamental changes:
"Barbarians" were not all one people; they weren’t particularly barbaric; and they entered the empire mostly by invitation or migration—not by invasion.
The sack of Rome by Visigoths in 410 was effectively a looting spree. Churches were spared and there was no slaughter of the population.
The "fall" of the western Roman Empire in 476 was hardly noticed by people at the time. It was only long after the fact that it was seen as a cataclysmic event.
Contrary to Gibbon’s view of Christianity as a cause of Rome’s decline, much of the empire’s legacy lived on through the institutions of the church.
Far from being a period of decline and fall, late antiquity marked one of history’s great turning points. The fundamental reordering of the Roman Empire that took place spawned three great civilizations: Medieval Europe, the Byzantine Empire, and the Islamic Caliphate. This startling transformation survives to the present day in many of the political, cultural, and religious traditions spanning the region from the British Isles to the Middle East—traditions that have spread their influence around the planet.
Late Antiquity: Crisis and Transformation takes you through five momentous centuries that link the Classical world with the modern, in 36 half-hour lectures by distinguished medieval historian Dr. Thomas F. X. Noble, Professor of History and Chair of the Department of History at the University of Notre Dame.
Course Lecture Titles
1. The World of Late Antiquity
2. The Crisis of the 3rd Century
3. The New Empire of Diocletian
4. Constantine’s Roman Revolution
5. The House of Constantine, 337–363
6. The End of a Unified Empire
7. Ruling the Roman Empire—The Imperial Center
8. Ruling the Roman Empire—The Provinces
9. The Barbarians—Ethnicity and Identity
10. Rome and the Barbarians
11. Barbarian Kingdoms—Gaul
12. Barbarian Kingdoms—Spain and North Africa
13. Barbarian Kingdoms—Italy
14. The Eastern Empire in the 5th Century
15. The End of the Western Empire
16. The Age of Justinian, 527–565
17. The Christianization of the Roman World
18. Christianity and the Roman State
19. The Rise of the Roman Church
20. The Call of the Desert—Monasticism
21. Monasticism—Solitaries and Communities
22. The Church Fathers—Talking About God
23. Patristic Portraits
24. "What Has Athens to Do with Jerusalem?"
25. Graven Images—Christianity’s Visual Arts
26. The Universal in the Local—Cities
27. Rome and Constantinople
28. Visigothic Spain and Merovingian Gaul
29. Celt and Saxon in the British Isles
30. The Birth of Byzantium
31. Byzantium—Crisis and Recovery
32. Muhammad and the Rise of Islam
33. The Rise of the Caliphate
34. Material Life in Late Antiquity
35. The Social World of Late Antiquity
36. What Happened, and Why Does It Matter?
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