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MeldaProduction MDrummer Large v7.00
MeldaProduction MDrummer Large v7.00 | File size: 158 MB

MDrummer Large is simply the ultimate drum machine and virtual drummer. It makes arranging drum tracks and realtime performances quick and simple and the possibilities are just endless...

Sound limited only by your imagination

MDrummer's sound engine can cover the entire range of percussion instruments from drums to scratches. Any number of drum sets, drums in each drum set, layers and effects in each drum, with sampling, synthesis and some completely unique generators. Whether you are interested in acoustic drums, electric drums, percussion or effects, or any kind of combination, MDrummer can do it.

Quick and inspiring

MDrummer can generate infinite number of new drum sets by pressing a single button, analyze and import your sample libraries, merge multiple drum sets and much more. MDrummer is perfect whether you are looking for a traditional style, a truly unique sound available by a few clicks, or if you are ready to get dirty and explore the depths of the most advanced drum machine in the world.

Rhythms limited only by your imagination

MDrummer truly understands what a rhythm is in the same way that humans do and you have access to everything it knows. It can cover any style and any percussive instrument. MDrummer can play pop, drum'n'bass, rock, r'n'b, salsa, jungle, jazz, rumba on congas, progress-metal in 11/4 signature... anything you can imagine. MDrummer can generate new rhythms for you, merge multiple rhythms, add shakers and other background percussion. Humanization, shuffling, half/double tempo & feel and many more advanced features let you transform your ideas into reality with a few mouse clicks.

Unique way to control the performance

You can command MDrummer to play intro, groove, add fills, play more notes at different velocities... MDrummer is just like an incredibly good human drummer, except that it will obey any orders! You can tell it what to do using our unique MIDI command method, the integrated sequencer or it can even jam with you! No more clumsy automation, MIDI file drag & drop... You can make a great drum track for your arrangement in just a few minutes.

Ground breaking rhythm generator

We taught MDrummer what humans do when creating new rhythms. All you need to do now is to create a single loop, which suits your song. Or, well, MDrummer can generate a unique one for you. The rhythm generator then takes its library of resources and creates the whole rhythm for you. Just the way real drummers do it.

Flexible user interface

We make music, but the visual side may inspire or not. MDrummer's user interface is resizable and can be restyled; it includes context help for everything and the workflow is optimized for maximum speed. All for the ultimate user experience and creativity.

7.00 changes

NOTE: MDrummer plugin (with variable number of outputs) has been discontinued, and only MDrummer1out and MDrummer16out are supported now. If you need the removed version for sake of your existing projects, please keep the older version installed.

NOTE: A more efficient preset encoding is now used. Backwards compatibility is certainly maintained, but new presets won't be readable by older versions.

Added MTurboEQ, MTurboComp, MTurboReverb, MLimiterX, MDynamics, MDynamicsMB, MSaturatorMB, MTransientMB, MAutoVolume, MComb, MDrumEnhancer, MDrumLeveler, MAutoDynamicEq, MRotary, MVintageRotary FX. (MLimiter has been renamed to MSaturator as it is more appropriate)
Added global Settings window working the same way as the settings window in our other plugins. Licence management also works the same way. Introduced subscription licencing.
Added Sample start feature to MSampler.
Added OH and Room global channels next to the Sends, where overheads and rooms are automatically routed, for more standard workflow with the new acoustic drum library.
Added widening to all sends, OH and Room.
Added send controls to Mixer tab for easier mixing, especially with the new acoustic drum library (not released yet, expected release is within 2 months).
Added Enable crossfading option to all signal generators.
Added presets for sample library analyzer keywords and delete button to remove individuals samples from analysis results.
Added samplerate Reducer feature to MDistortion FX.
Added multiselection to all parametric equalizers and comb filters. Use Shift + Click on a point to manage the selected points.
Gain reduction meters now do not go under -40dB, so they are more responsive for gates.
Changed looks of all meters.
Value in meters now shows temporary default for most meters (which corresponds to the peak value) and provide a switch via context menu to show global maximum (default for peak meters).
Double-clicking title of the plugin window (and any other nonmaximizable ShiChuang) makes the window as small as possible.
Added number buttons to band settings of all parametric equalizers, which lets you switch between bands quickly.
Added No attenuation gate mode to MAutoVolume.
Added Delay feature to MDrumEnhancer.
Edit menu / Cut now copies the selected text to the clipboard before deleting it.
Order in band settings in parametric equalizers renamed to Slope.
Time graph buttons in meters are displayed only in time graph mode now.
Added Backup presets feature, available from all Preset ShiChuang.
Time graphs now show line under the cursor, which could help reading units.
When Areas in parametric equalizers were thin enough, the text was wrapped to multiple lines making it not readable well.
Added side-chain gain to MDynamics FX.
Double-clicking a tab with enable button toggles the enable state.
Added Post-gain and Final gain to MTurboComp FX.
Holding Ctrl while dragging a bar in any bargraph (e.g. oscillator harmonics or step sequencers) provides fine-tuning locked to the single bar.
Time graph guides are now stored with time graph setting presets.
Labels, checkboxes and title buttons are now not displayed upper-case even if the upper-case switch for current style is enabled, to provide more clarity.
Plugins now automatically lower the style size on HDPI/Retina displays when opened for the first time.
Added areas to MAnalyzer.
Trial length has been shortened to 15 days, the same value as all our software.
MDrummer now stores the selected tab with the project.
Added Input and Dynamics by fundamental switches to dynamic equalizer bands.
Keyboard input is now automatically disabled for Reason, where there are various problems. The hack will be removed as soon as Reason gets fixed.
Switcher controls now set default value via right click.
Fix: Randomizing graph from the popup menu could place points outside of the vertical range.
Fix: Downwards expander in MDynamics could increase levels near silence if range close to minimum was used.
Fix: When changing styles the colors might have not been loaded properly.
Fix: Help ShiChuang might have been incorrectly sized on HDPI screens.
Fix: Showing presets for an FX, then switching to another preset or different tab entirely would keep the preset window open and lead to a crash on attempt to load one.
Fix: Any connection to the internet didn't work on OSX Sierra due to a bug regarding resolving local names in OSX.
Fix: Loading FLAC files without length metatag didn't work.
Fix: MRingModulator didn't work properly when the modulate oscillators option was enabled.



MeldaProduction MDrummer Large v7.00

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