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Unity Pro v5.5.6f3 Win v5.5.3f1 Mac
Unity Pro v5.5.6f3 Win v5.5.3f1 Mac

Title: Unity Pro v5.5.6f3 Win v5.5.3f1 Mac
Unity is a game development ecosystem: a powerful rendering engine fully integrated with a complete set of intuitive tools and rapid workflows to create interactive 3D and 2D content; easy multiplatform publishing; thousands of quality, ready-made assets in the Asset Store and a knowledge-sharing community.
For independent developers and studios, Unity's democratizing ecosystem smashes the time and cost barriers to creating uniquely beautiful games. They are using Unity to build a livelihood doing what they love: creating games that hook and delight players on any platform.
5.5.6f3 Release Notes
System Requirement Changes
Android minimum version supported updated to 4.1 (JellyBean)
2D: Added ability to control the tessellation quality of Sprites in the Sprite Editor Window. Tessellation quality controls how tight or coarse the Mesh resembles the actual image.
2D: Sorting Group:
Sorts a group of Renderers (for instance, a character made up of a group of Sprite Renderers) as a whole, without any interleaving of other Renderers. descriptiondescription
2D: Sprite Editor Window now supports Sprite outline editing to control Sprite Mesh generation.
2D: SpriteRenderer: Added support for 9-slice Sprite rendering.
AI: Low-Level API for NavMesh building:
Create and update NavMesh data at runtime.
Use multiple instances of NavMeshes.
Control the life-time of the NavMesh instances.
Create and manage NavMesh Build Settings for multiple agent sizes.
Additional open-sourced components and examples available here
Animation: Added tracking of Animator State Machine view positions.
Asset Import: Exposed ModelImporter.useFileScale in the Model Importer Settings panel.
Build Pipeline: Added BuildOptions.CompressWithLz4, which enables Lz4 compression of the player's data for Standalone, Android and iOS platforms.
Compute: Added support for Metal Compute (iOS/macOS).
Editor: Added TreeView IMGUI Control, which can display hierarchical data that can be expanded and collapsed. Additionally, it allows you to create list views and multi-column tables for Editor tools. Also check out the MultiColumnHeader and SearchField IMGUI Controls.
Editor: Exposed the following custom handle classes in UnityEditor.IMGUI.Controls: BoxBoundsHandle, CapsuleBoundsHandle, SphereBoundsHandle. description
Editor: Interactive handles for editing primitive Collider types in the Scene view now all use the same logic:
Drag a handle to expand the size only on that side.
Hold to pin the center in place.
Hold to scale the shape uniformly.
These changes apply to BoxCollider, CapsuleCollider, SphereCollider, BoxCollider2D, CapsuleCollider2D, and CircleCollider2D.
Editor: Mac: Added experimental support for using the Metal rendering backend on the Editor. This is disabled by default; to enable it, go to Edit > Project Settings > Player > Other Settings and tick the Metal Editor Support checkbox.
Editor: ShiChuang: All Visual Studio installs are now shown in the External Script Editor list.
Editor: ShiChuang: Visual Studio 2017 installs with the Unity workload are now detected automatically and added to the External Script Editor list.
Facebook: Added "Facebook" as a new Build Target Platform. This allows you to publish your builds to Facebook using either WebGL or the Facebook Gameroom ShiChuang app.
GI: Added Light Modes, which replace mixed mode lighting and provide flexible ways to merge baked and realtime shadows. As part of this:
Added ability to bake shadowmasks.
New Lighting window layout.
Added Light Explorer window. descriptiondescriptiondescriptiondescriptiondescription
GI: Added new experimental feature: Progressive Lightmapper. This is a robust lightmapper based on path tracing, with progressive updates. It provides baked lightmaps and Light Probes, presents the first output quickly, and iteratively improves it over time.
Global illumination is calculated at lightmap resolution.
No dependency on Enlighten.
Normal requirements regarding lightmapping UVs: non-overlapping UVs with small area and angle errors, and sensible padding between the charts.
Texels visible in the Scene view are calculated first.
Estimated time is provided in the progress bar. descriptiondescriptiondescriptiondescriptiondescriptiondescription
Graphics: Added EncodeToEXR to Texture2D.
Graphics: Added HDR MSAA anti-aliasing support. HDR rendering and MSAA anti-aliasing now works as expected with forward shading.
Graphics: Added physically-based rendering Material validator. You can now validate Albedo and Specular values against acceptable ranges. Albedo values can also be validated against user-defined luminance ranges.
Graphics: Support for DrawMeshInstancedIndirect, where draw arguments are supplied from a ComputeBuffer.
Graphics: Support for Procedural Instancing, where instance data is supplied via a custom source in the Shader, rather than from Material Property Blocks. description
Graphics: Vulkan rendering backend added for Android, Linux and ShiChuang. It is not used by default yet; drag it to the top of Graphics API list in Player Settings (menu: Edit > Project Settings > Player) to use it.
IL2CPP: Added support for ShiChuang Runtime when targeting ShiChuang Store and Xbox One players with .NET 4.6 API Compatibility Level. See the Unity User Manual documentation on IL2CPP for more information on ShiChuang Runtime support.
IL2CPP: Unity in-app purchase now works on ShiChuang Store with IL2CPP scripting backend.
Multiplayer: Added client websocket support for macOS, Linux and ShiChuang.
Multiplayer: Added websocket SSL support for macOS, Linux and ShiChuang.
Particles: Added new Shape Module controls to support non-randomized particle emission. description
Particles: Redesigned Burst Emission to support 8 bursts, and added burst repeat parameters. description
Physics: Added new CompositeCollider2D component, providing the ability to merge together BoxCollider2D & PolygonCollider2D colliders. description
Physics: Added Physics2D.Distance, Collider2D.Distance and Rigidbody2D.Distance returning new ColliderDistance2D. descriptiondescription
Physics: Added Physics2D.OverlapCollider, Collider2D.OverlapCollider and Rigidbody2D.OverlapCollider.
Physics: Added Rigidbody2D.attachedColliderCount and Rigidbody2D.GetAttachedColliders().
Physics: Enabled BoxCollider2D & EdgeCollider2D Edge Radius feature. description
Physics: Physics Debug
A tool designed to provide a visualization of what is going on in our physics middleware (PhysX), allowing you to quickly inspect the Collider geometry in your Scene, and profile common physics-based scenarios.
Also serves as a profiling tool, because it can hide all sleeping Rigidbody components and show all concave Mesh Colliders.
Player: Added native Daydream integration as a VR target for Unity VR applications.
Services: Added native crash support for iOS in Unity Performance Reporting service.
UI: Added new AdditionalShaderProperties to the Canvas. This changes the default behavior for all new Canvas components that are created. The old default was to include Position, Color, UV0, UV1, Normal and Tangents whereas the new default is to only include Position, Color, and UV0 shader channels. This reduces the memory cost of rendering the canvas as additional unused channels are not included. If you need the other channels they are selectable per canvas and its recommend to use a minimal set of channels. This also adds the ability to use UV2 and UV3 shader channels if required.
Video: Added Video Player component and Video Clip Importer Asset Importer. They replace Movie Texture and its Importer (available with a legacy control). Notes:
For details on the frame rates and resolutions you can expect to be able to achieve on specific devices, please refer to the vendor recommendations for the device(s) in question.
For use on Android, OS version 4.4 or higher is recommended at this time. The VideoPlayer works on 4.1-4.3 but content should be tested more carefully. Android Format recommendations available here.
The Android VideoPlayer cannot yet read videos from asset bundles.
5.5.3f1 Mac Release Notes
UI: CanvasRenderer::OnTransformChanged will not be called when object is inactive. (815861)
UnityAds: Updated native binaries to 2.0.8.
Animation: Fixed Assert Thread::CurrentThreadIsMainThread() from Animator::IsHuman() when run in a job thread. (887998)
Analytics: Fix adds Internet permission on Android when Analytics service is used. (861178)
Android: Acquire context on focus before notifying player. (837483)
Android: Fixed an issue where ApplicationId was missing from AndroidManifest.xml in Gradle builds. (888274)
Android: Fixed incorrect dangerous permissions dialog behavior when the app was suspended while the dialog was on screen. (851523)
Android: Fixed proguard template to actually keep Unity classes. (857978)
Android: Fixed the failure to push OBB to certain Samsung devices. (853474)
Android: Fixed the splash screen and black bar issues by applying immersive fullscreen mode as early as possible. (868612, 867887, 861069, 874761)
Android: Improved the WebRequest performance.
Android: Input - Fixed issues with joystick polling and startup. (863399)
Android: Manifest - Added layoutDirection to configChanges. (867668)
Android: Opening the on-screen keyboard does not make webcam update slower. (827454)
Animation : Fixed a race condition in the legacy animation system which could cause a crash if a GameObject and an Animation assigned to that GameObject were deleted in the same frame. (868587)
Animation: Fixed a crash when re-enabling GameObject that was running a Playable. (884643)
Animation: Fixed an issue with using abstract classes behaviour on a StateMachineBehaviour. (877623)
Animation: Playback range is now correctly displayed after changing the Samples of a clip. (884523)
Asset Importer: Fixed the importing process so that asset paths with zero length are skipped. (869307)
Asset Pipeline: Fixed a crash that occurred when loading the same asset both synchronously and asynchronously simultaneously. (884472)
Cache Server: Do not ask to delete the local cache server data twice when switching from local to a different option in preferences (878326)
Cache Server: The Cache Server preferences dialog now correctly recognises when the mode is changed. (863299)
Core: Fixed the issue of job system ending up with high CPU usage in certain circumstances eg. using UnityWebRequest.Send() in Editor after exiting Play mode. (879675)
DX12: Expose the command queue to DX12 plugins now. (867573)
DX12: Only invoke plugin events from the "rendering" thread, not main thread. (863285)
Editor: Fix for time not updating in Editor if play mode is entered and then exited while paused. (864246)
Editor: Fixed a crash on OSX when the Editor loses context. (837413)
Editor: Fixed an issue with deselect of single selected item in hierarchy with ctrl/cmd+click. (864273)
Editor: Fixed an issue with vertex snapping jumping to extreme values in isometric view. (861345)
Editor: Fixed the issue that Pro users can't skip the survey after Unity activation. (878112)
EditorAnalytics: Honoring DisableEditorAnalytics settings.
GameObject: Fixed position inconsistency when using generic instantiate. (873836)
GI : Fix for lightmaps not being loaded in a standalone player when loading scene through an AssetBundle. (858292)
GI : Fix for lightprobe gizmos being rendered too bright in Linear color space. (862215)
GI: Fixed a crash while baking lightmaps with custom shaders after Light Transport jobs finished. (856901)
Graphics : Fixed D3D12 cubemap mip generation.
Graphics: Changes made to blending mode via shader properties are no longer ignored in Graphics.Blit. (865062)
Graphics: D3D9 to make sure that internal resolves don't result in a drawn pixel, i.e. single white pixel when using deferred mode. (728324)
Graphics: Fixed a crash when switching from DX12 to DX11 graphics API in the Editor. (851265)
Graphics: Fixed an issue with Assert "Texture aux property (unity_SpecCube0_HDR) should never be a built-in name!". (864237)
Graphics: Fixed an issue with BC6 decompression and improve reading of textures with more than one byte per channel. (865491)
Graphics: Fixed the issue of forward-only objects being rendered into Depth/DepthNormals textures multiple times when they have multiple submeshes and deferred shading is used. (863954)
Graphics: For script created/instanced cameras only add Image Effects Callbacks if the Image Effect is already registered. Fixed the error message when disabling script during instantiate. (862473)
Graphics: On DirectX avoid presenting a fresh-black frame whilst performing screen resizing. (849424)
Graphics: Set the ambient probe for the deferred reflections pass to fix a difference between graphics jobs and non-graphics jobs rendering. (863625)
Graphics: Stop RenderNow/DrawMeshNow crashing when shader had no matching vertex channels. (876162)
Graphics: When calling Material.SetFloatArray, SetVectorArray, SetMatrixArray throw a NULL exception instead of crashing. (868016)
IL2CPP: Fixed the incorrectly managed stack traces on iOS devices in release mode. (869696)
iOS, Android: Fixed - Light Probe Proxy Volumes don't fallback to normal probe blending. (837679)
IOS: Added support in order to enable auto-rotation while broadcasting using ReplayKit. (887912)
iOS: Fixed Airplay mirroring mode when using Open GLES. (788515)
iOS: Fixed build errors in XCode when stripping is enabled using Mono scripting backend. (866194)
IOS: Fixed WebRequest setting the IsError property correctly. (880773)
iOS: Removed extra notification sent on application launch. (875180)
Kernel: Prevent scripts from adding Transform-derived components during their Awake methods. (878716)
Mac Editor: Fixed the crashes while exporting projects. (878783)
Metal: Fixed geometry corruption when dynamic batching was enabled. (871026)
Metal: Fixed issues with setting DontCare load flag when running multithreaded.
Mono: Fixed a C# compiler bug which could cause an incorrect compiler error in some cases when overloaded generic methods were used. (869169)
Mono: Fixed a crash which could occur in the editor when deep profiling was enabled. (878859)
Mono: Fixed rare issue due to timer collisions. (881491)
Particles: Fixed a NullReferenceException, when Inherit Velocity was set to less or more than 0 and Rigidbody2D was set to Dynamic. (876169)
Particles: Fixed an incorrect velocity for first frame when a rigidbody was first enabled. (881847)
Physics 2D: CapsuleCollider2D now correctly calculates its mass when using auto-mass. (890937)
Physics: Fixed a crash caused by changing the value of the configuredInWorldSpace flag on a Joint attached to an inactive GameObject. (886574)
Scripting: Fixed a coroutine crash in Coroutine::CompareCoroutineEnumerator. (888302)
Scripting: Fixed MonoBehaviour array field with initializer getting resized to 0 by serialization. (868935)
Shaders: Fixed a crash in ShaderLab::shaderprops::GetMatrix when using OpenGL API when using specific graphics drivers on ShiChuang. (859418)
Shaders: Fixed advanced blend operations by requiring the shaders to be decorated with UNITY_REQUIRE_ADVANCED_BLEND(mode) declaration. (750307)
Shaders: Fixed an internal error on a GLSL/Metal shader compiling corner case. (881103)
Shaders: Make shader binary blob data deterministic to fix problems with asset bundle (or player data) changing with identical source inputs. (877123)
Shadows: Allow 2k shadowmap textures on devices with less than 2 GB of RAM when best quality shadows are selected (871606)
Sprites: Fixed an issue where OverrideGeometry on instantiated sprites produced differing results in the Editor and Standalone (863256)
Terrain: Fixed a crash when loading a scene with a terrain and trees and then unloading the previous scene. (857047)
Terrain: Fixed an issue where the default material could be more specular than expected. (864935)
Texture Importer: Fixed an issue where a texture's colour model was set to RGBA without an alpha channel. (870830)
Texture Importer: Fixed an issue where BC7 didn't compress alpha textures correctly. (858502)
Texture Importer: Fixed an issue where setting textureType reset sprite mode to single. (856584)
Texture Importer: Fixed an issue where some textures were wrongly interpreted as single channel cube maps. (858460)
Tizen: Fixed a crash that occurred when an app tried to exit.
UI : Fixed the issue of fonts created at runtime not showing up when added to text. (858645)
UI: Fixed an occasional masking issue when using deferred rendering path on Linux. (873678)
UI: Fixed scrollrect performance being slow when it had a lot of content. (856380)
UI: Selection elements will update selection state when interactable is changed. (861736, 872634)
UnityAds: Fixed callback executor from being destroyed on scene changes.
UnityWebRequest: Fixed high CPU usage/fareeze after aborting (leaving play mode) UWR with custom download handler script. (876027, 880565)
UnityWebRequest: URLs without ‘%' character will be escaped and the ones with ‘%' will be assumed to be properly escaped. (876823)
VCS: Fix for editor not checking out scene file before first write in freshly loaded project. (850239)
VCS: Fixed an issue trying to add files from ProjectSettings folder to Version Control even if they were already under Version Control.
VR: Fixed a subtle timing bug on Rift that could cause very minor view stuttering in certain situations. (886841)
VR: Updated Oculus to version 1.12. This fixed a GearVR timeout issue.
WebGL: Fixed "incorrect header check" builtin web server error when build folder contained non-URI characters. (855985)
WebGL: Fixed buffer overflow that occurred when using UnityWebRequest and custom DownloadHandlerScript. (865630)
WebGL: Fixed memory corruption when generating terrain base map textures. (868756)
ShiChuang Store: Fixed the issue whereby secure connections were not working when using UnityWebRequest. (874571)
ShiChuang Store: Fixed the known issue reported in the previous release, 5.5.2 - player prefs might get corrupted on ShiChuang 8.1 and ShiChuang Phone 8.1 SDKs when forcefully closing the application right after saving them.
ShiChuang: Fixed the logging code in the ShiChuang Editor/Standalone player so that messages got printed at once instead of one byte at the time. (886630)
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