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DefenseWall Personal Firewall 3.25 + DefenseWall HIPS 3.25 -
DefenseWall Personal Firewall 3.25 + DefenseWall HIPS 3.25 | 8.8 MB

DefenseWall Personal Firewall - the world's first personal firewall, sandbox! For the ordinary user it is very difficult to configure and use the usual "classical" firewalls. The vast majority of panic when he sees a lot of ShiChuang with obscure them from security issues, which need something to respond. Most of the answers to such questions are far from correct, allowing malicious code to do its work on the user's computer.
DefenseWall Personal Firewall is totally different from the standard, "classical" schemes of work in software security. You hardly even notice it at work, automatically providing the highest possible level of security immediately after installation.
DefenseWall is based on the concept of "sandbox" that uses untrusted software restriction zone of rights and a bit of virtualization. The new version of the program is integrated bi-directional firewall. This means that malicious applications can not only infect your computer and transmit information via the Internet attackers.
Malware software (including viruses) do not materialize on your hard drive from the expanse of the universe, and come through the quite tangible sources of contamination browsers, USB-flash drives, email, IRC, multimedia clients, ICQ (instant messaging clients), Skype, P2P (eg, through the torrent). These programs all thumbnails are automatically added to the untrusted zone DefenseWall. If any malicious code tries to attack your computer, using untrusted sources for the spread of computer, all attempts to infect your machine or steal confidential information (usernames, passwords) are unsuccessful. A component control connections to the internet will make it impossible to attempt to transfer information from your computer to hackers.
DefenseWall protects you immediately after installation, no training mode does not. For more information, refer to "the technical part," below.
Try DefenseWall Personal Firewall now and you'll be pleasantly surprised by the simplicity of the program ratio and the level of their own security.
Technical section:
In terms of "trusted / untrusted zone ', control of inbound works as follows. It blocks the "listening" ports of trusted processes, since they are potential sources of attacks on the trusted zone sandbox. Only non-trusted processes can work with such ports, unless they, of course, permitted to access the Internet. In the case of incoming attack on the listener port, the attacker gets right into the sandbox, which will not cause substantial harm to the system.
In a corporate setting, DefenseWall automatically opens the 445, 136, 137, 138, and 139 ports. However, untrusted processes can not get access to these ports. This greatly minimizes the possibility of attacks. If you have installed and run the server HTTP / FTP / SMTP / proxy, you must add them to the list of untrusted applications as a potential source of danger from the threat of external attacks on their vulnerabilities.
Some features:
* No learning period (as in the classical solutions).
* The absolute minimum of ShiChuang with confirmation in the industry.
* Full compatibility with other solutions in the security field.
* No need to configure anything (configure ports, sockets, ...).
* No need to verify the changed application.
DefenseWall HIPS (Host Intrusion Prevention System) - this is the easiest and simplest way to protect yourself from malicious software, which is not capable of protecting your anti-virus when you're online! Using the technology of next generation proactive protection, DefenseWall help you achieve the maximum level of protection, without requiring you to any special knowledge and constant online updates databases. No signatures, no popup ShiChuang, no false positives. It's just a reliable and transparent protection, easy to use and powerful.
DefenseWall HIPS divides all applications into Trusted and nedoverennye.Nedoverennye applications are launched with limited rights to modification of critical system parameters in specially allocated for them in the virtual zone that separates them from trusted applications. In the case of penetration of the untrusted applications malware it will not harm your system and can be closed with just one click! With DefenseWall work on the Internet has never been so easy, safe and easy! Try it and see for yourself!
Why do I need a HIPS if I already have antivirus and firewall?
The firewall monitors only network connections, antivirus protects both from known malicious modules. But the writers of malicious code change them so quickly that antivirus software is not able to detect these modified modules. That's why you need a HIPS-it protects you from malicious applications of all types, known and unknown, without the need for any signatures was.
DefenseWall Personal Firewall - the world's first sandboxing-style personal firewall solution! Average users find it difficult to setup and use your typical firewall and security program. For most average users, program popups and questions are confusing. There is always the chance a user will make the wrong choice and allow malware to cause damage to their system. DefenseWall Personal Firewall is a different kind of security program. You won't even notice it's installed and providing the highest firewall and system protection.
DefenseWall HIPS (Host-based Intrusion Prevention System) is based on a sandboxing approach that uses rights restrictions and partial virtualization. It now comes with an integrated firewall. What this means in simple terms is that malicious files will not have the 'rights' to perform any unwanted changes to your system or be able to make any unwanted connections.
Malware stems from various sources such as internet browsers, usb flash drives, e-mail, multimedia clients, IM, IRC, P2P, and VoIP. All of these programs are automatically marked by DefenseWall HIPS as "untrusted". If malware attempts to install on your system via an "untrusted" program, DefenseWall's inbuilt restrictions (HIPS) will prevent your system from becoming infected. And if malware tries to steal your information such as financial and banking passwords through an "untrusted" program, the Personal Firewall component will stop malware cold from calling home.
And the best part is, DefenseWall protects you right out of the box. For more detailed information, see technical part below.
Try DefenseWall Personal Firewall today, and you will be convinced in its security and simplicity!
Why do I need HIPS if I already have an anti-virus and firewall?
Firewalls control your network activity, antivirus protects you only from known malicious modules. But their writers modify those modules so quickly, that anti-viruses are unable to detect them untill you will be infected with it. That is why you need a HIPS solution-it protects you from all types of malicious software (malware), known and unknown, with no signatures need, proactive way.
Technical section:
In the "trusted / untrusted" terms, Inbound Firewall protection of DefenseWall works as follows: it considers a listening port of a trusted process as a potential source of attack and therefore blocks it. Only "untrusted" processes are allowed to be connected outside. In case of an inbound attack, an attacker is routed to the sandbox. In the corporate environment, DefenseWall automatically opens ports 445, 136, 137, 138, and 139. However, the untrusted processes can't connect to these ports. All of this minimizes potential harm from the malicous code being spread by exploits. If you have a HTTP / FTP / SMTP / proxy server, they should be added to the untrusted applications list as a potential source for vulnerability exploitation and thus a source of infection.
* No learning modes (as seen with firewall and HIPS programs).
* Mininimal popups.
* Compatible with third-party security software and programs.
* No need to configure ports and sockets.
* No application checksum re-calculations.
DefenseWall v3.25 released.
1. Privilege escalation from within trusted zone solved (many thanks to Parvez Anwar).
2. Untrusted zone bypass method covered.
3. Whitelist has been extended.
4. Help file updated.

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