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Bricsys Bricscad Platinum v14.2.12.34721 - DISN
Bricsys Bricscad Platinum v14.2.12.34721 | 276 Mb

A new version of Bricscad - CAD systems, which is positioned as a more affordable alternative to AutoCAD. The program features full support for DWG format and libraries Dwgdirect, the ability to export to PDF, there are opportunities to work with layers.

Among other features of the program can provide a convenient conductor with the ability to view files in different coordinate systems, from different angles and layers; Settings window, where you can view all the system variables and parameters; use associative hatch.

In the thirteenth version adds the ability to model complex projects (Assembly Modeling), a number of new commands, functions, and dialog boxes. Among them AutoComplete for command-line support for multiple lines, printing. Also, you can now organize your files. Dwg in hierarchical structures of mechanical components. Furthermore, it is possible to note the appearance of the module for setting the size Powerdimensions drawings and improving productivity.

New in version 14.2.12:
BMDEPENDENCIES: command to list all the dependent files of the mechanical assembly file .
BMRECOVER: command that fixes incorrect (i.e. cyclic) dependencies of a mechanical assembly file.
SR41341, SR43183 - SIZE: reduced the size of exported pdf files for drawings containing images.
SR45921 - OLE: the resolution of exported OLE objects has been increased to 300 dpi.
DISPLAY: improved highlight/unhighlight performance for block inserts in rendered display modes.
SR37155 - MODELING: upgraded to ACIS R24 SP2 HF29, resulting in improved performance for boolean operations on 3D solids.
reduced memory (and time) required for publishing in background.
added support Ctrl+A shortcut key combination to select all items in the sheet list.
SR45216 - VIEWSECTION: hatch angle now varies per solid instead of per mechanical component.
HATCH ASSOCIATIVITY: when dragging an associative hatch to another location, its associativity was incorrectly preserved.
MATCHPROP: Mtext color was not copied for Mleaders with Mtext content.
OVERKILL: the help icon on the Delete Duplicate Entities dialog was not functional.
PDF UNDERLAY: restored performance improvements that were disabled during V14-merge with Teigha 3.9 quote.
POLAR TRACK: quote added in V14 to avoid flicker of polar tracking lines led to disappearing of polar tracking lines, after entering a distance for a point along the line. This has been fixed.
SHX: text using a Russian shx font was displayed as a series of question marks on a system using Japanese locale.
SWEEP: avoided undesired twisting of a profile swept along a Helix.
SR29606, SR45523 - MPOLYGON: rendering of MPOLYGON objects using solid hatch has been corrected: the positions of the polygon and the related hatch did not match.
SR35481, SR46000 - FILEDIA: after dragging&dropping a script file into BricsCAD, the first subsequently opened dialog to browse for a file (_open, _import, _xattach, _pdfattach, _acisin, _menu, _script, ...) was not responding even though FILEDIA = 1.
SR39171 - DIMENSIONS: radial dimensions did not obey DIMSE1 nor DIMLTEX1 settings.
SR39219 - RTDISPLAY: changed the default value of RTDISPLAY to 0. From now on, the default behaviour is that raster and Ole objects are drawn during PAN and ZOOM operations.
SR39881 - ARC LENGTH: an undesired circle was displayed for Arc Length dimensions.
SR41193 - HIDDEN LAYERS: layers having names starting with '*' are no longer displayed in the Layer Combo.
SR43794 - XREF PATH: trying to SAVE/SAVEAS a drawing containing Xrefs with a colon in their path name caused a "Could not set current working directory..." error message.
SR43841 - ALIGNED DIMENSIONS: a dimension line was not displayed if DIMTMOVE=1 (while it was displayed when DIMTMOVE=2) when dimension text was placed over it.
SR44529 - TXT.SHX: if the PRINT dialog was opened before any shx text had been displayed, an incorrect font mapping was created, leading to incorrect display of text using txt.shx font.
SR44651 - SCALELISTEDIT: the RESET option of the SCALELISTEDIT command could cause a crash when a drawing had too many scales with equal names.
SR45099 - MSPACE/PSPACE: it was not possible to switch between Model and Paper space if a selection set existed in the current space.
SR45323 - RENDER: XClipped 3D solids were rendered incorrectly.
SR45394 - SETTINGS: a hangup could occur when searching for certain strings using the Next/Previous buttons in 'Alphabetic' mode.
SR45451 - ANNOTATIVE MTEXT: invalid index error was thrown while loading a drawing created with Autocad which contained an annotative MText having multiple columns. Regression since V14.2
SR45467 - DIMSTYLE: deleting a dim style was temporarily duplicating the other styles listed in the Dimension Style Explorer.
SR45481 - VIEWEXPORT: command crashed while erasing drawing views in case Modeling visual style was enabled in Model Space.
SR45516 - LAYER: when the layer of a BlockReference (INSERT) was changed, the internal SEQEND object was not assigned the new layer, instead the previous one was kept. This could result in layers which could not be purged afterwards.
SR45569 - REFEDIT: REFEDIT and -REFEDIT commands now focus on the double-clicked nested block instead of on the main block. Anonymous blocks are no longer accepted for editing.
SR45579 - RENDER: polygon mesh and 3D Face objects were not visible in Flat shademode.
SR45705 - FLATSHOT: in case display of hidden lines was requested, the hidden lines which were obscured by hidden tangential edges were missing.
SR45719 - MLEADER: block attributes were not editable.
annotative scales added for Annotative Blocks were not applied to the block's content.
modifications of the X/Y/Z scale of Annotative Block references, using the Properties Bar, were not correctly applied.
SR45792 - SETTINGS: opening the Settings dialog after closing all drawings caused the application to crash.
SR45813 - ALIGNED DIMENSIONS: after moving the text of a dimension with DIMTMOVE=1, a dimension line from one side of the dimension disappeared.
SR45829 - MATCHPROP: during selecting of the objects to match, the "Previous selection", "Select by Properties..." and "Selection Methods" options were missing in the prompt menu.
SR45836 - FIELDS: fields were not re-evaluated before exporting to PDF/SVG.
SR45977 - BIGFONTS: fixed cases where the character from the bigfont should be used instead of the competing character from the normal unifont (regression since V14.2.10).
SR45980 - ADT: a crash occurred when trying to save a drawing containing a corrupt Architectural Desktop entity.
SR46136 - OLE: when single-clicking a BricsCAD OLE object embedded in a docx file, using MS Word, an undesired BricsCAD session was started up - this is avoided now.
SR46346 - QLEADER, LEADER : transparent command input (like F3 key) was rejected - regression since V14.2.06.
SR46407 - PRINT: non-planar splines were missing when printing or previewing a clipped viewport.
SR46439 - DMEXTRUDE: a crash occurred when dmextrude was applied to a region and the Limit option was used.
COM: the x64 version of the ActiveX interface was still using the int32 datatype for ObjectId's, which caused signature problems for COM reactor callback functions like AxAppReactor::onObjectErased() and WindowMovedOrResized()
LISP: when an entity was removed from a persistent objectreactor, containing that entity, an exception happened due to an incorrect reactor status.
SR28639 - APIs: there was a problem with 1003 / 1005 references in XData. Copied objects got a "translated" 1003 / 1005 reference, instead of keeping the original one.
SR45068 - BRX: a crash occurred when an empty selection was used with TRIM + EXTEND commands, using all entities as boundary, with AcEdSSGetFilter attached to the drawing.
SR45184, SR45303 - BRX: improved acedGrDraw.
SR45404 - APIs: a crash occurred when application quote opens + closes drawings by an application command started via right-click menu resp. command repetition.
SR45478 - .NET: modifying a DynamicBlockReference property:FlipState caused a crash.
SR45619 - LISP: there was an issue with (vlax-ldata-put) when storing very large data items as single LData (like lists containing more than 2000 items).
SR45656 - LISP/SDS/BRX : using entmod() to modify an Helix object did not update the visual representation.
SR45688 - BRX: AcApDocManager::isApplicationContext caused a crash when no document was open.
SR45777 - LISP: when reading LDATA strings from saved dwg and dxf the text was (sometimes) not correctly retrieved due to a quotepage/conversion problem.
SR45795 - LISP: commands (incorrectly) interpreted Lisp-like input as Lisp expressions rather than as plain string input.
SR45823 - SSGET: SSGET "_W" / "_C" did not take the currently displayed view into account, but the view corresponding to the current UCS.
SR45848 - MODEMACRO: the MODEMACRO command no longer accepted DIESEL strings. Regression since V14
SR46111 - INITDIA: (initdia 1) was not respected by MTEXT commands in quote like (initdia 1)(command "_mtext" ...). Regression since V14.2.10
SR46214 - DISPLAY: edges of 3D solids with intcurve geometry were not properly displayed. If the intcurve was closed and its start(end) point located inside the edge, then the edge's part from start point of edge to start point of intcurve was not displayed.

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