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Navitel 7.0.342 Avtoversiya WinCE v5-6/PNA + Maps Q3 2012
Navitel 7.0.342 Avtoversiya WinCE v5-6/PNA + Maps Q3 2012 | 7.96 GB

Universal assembly for avtonavigatorov car and head systems based on WinCE v5-6. A feature of this building is the auto setup GPS, battery indicator missing, settings and tracks stored in the program folder.

"Navitel Navigator" - a unique and accurate navigation system for smartphones and PDAs (PDA) equipped with GLONASS / GPS-receiver, with a special set of cards. In the navigation system "Navitel Navigator" uses detailed navigational maps of cities and regions of Russia and CIS countries, with street names, house numbers, subway stations, gas stations, restaurants, the location of forests, rivers, lakes and other important and useful information.

Among other functions, Navitel warn of approaching the place of attention (SPEEDCAM) and offer to reduce speed.
Detailed navigational maps of cities "Navitel Navigator" includes residential and industrial infrastructure of the city with the information to search for buildings on the current mailing address up to the buildings in the private sector.

Key features "Navitel Navigator":
"Navitel. Jam "Free service. All users Navitel Navigator are active participants in the definition of traffic congestion and free roads. When the service Stoppers, data on the rate of movement of the car is collected and transmitted to the analysis center, where the information is processed and made available to users of the program as indicated on the map of "blocks" *. * Probki.Navitel only displayed on the maps produced by JSC "CNT".

Search - "find all"
Map search is done on a "find all", with reference to various specific addressing (housing, construction, ownership, dual addressing, etc.). Knowing the exact address Navitel Navigator users can easily find it on the map, and predictive search (principle T9) allow even faster and easier to type the name of streets and cities on the telephone keypad.

One of the main functions of the navigation system is to construct routes for traffic in the city and outside the city. The program Navitel Navigator implements a flexible algorithm for constructing routes, allowing the user to build routes to your personal taste.

?PEEDCAM?br />It is no secret that the most dangerous stretches of road are increasingly installed speed control (SPEEDCAM). To time to warn the driver of approaching a dangerous area, we have developed early warning systems. With this technology, the driver will receive advance information of approaching a dangerous area and time will reduce the speed. Database points SPEEDCAM constantly updated. Over her work as a professional cartographers, and its users. Information about the location (level crossings, radars, "speed bumps")

Free service. This service allows you to send an SMS with your location. SMS recipient can see the place on the map with the coordinates passed to the SMS, and pave the path to it.

A new free online service that allows users to observe and see the map on the navigation device mark other users of the various events of the following types: Car crashes, accidents, road works, the speed cameras and other warnings.

"Dynamic POI?br />With the service of dynamic POI you can check the prices of gasoline at the pump, showtimes at cinemas, detailed information about restaurants and cafes, with indication of special offers and phone numbers for booking tables and much more.

Available in various types of search on the map:
?the closest object in a given radius.
?settlements and objects within cities (by type and name.)
?By address.
?on the point of interest (POI)
?At last found objects.
?At intersections.

?Voice of reference for automatically created route.
?Speed ??and direction of movement.
?Coordinates (latitude and longitude, altitude above sea level).
?Automatic selection of time zone.
?Path length, time, motion and speed.
?Record tracks and waypoints.
?Export / import tracks.
?Export / import routes.
?The direction of movement to a given point with the prediction of arrival time.
?Information about satellites Glonasc / GPS.
?Ability to manage the program without the stylus (for drivers of large buttons "under the thumb" on the touch screen).
?Voice prompts.
?Ability to select voices from several voice packets and connect their own voice package.
?Russian interface.
?More than 100 different sensors (trip computer)
?Automatic identification of protocol and COM-port to connect to Glonasc / GPS-receiver.
?Automatic on / off BlueTooth connect to Glonasc / GPS.
?Ability to select skin file.

Overview map of the world "Earth" earth20121215.nm3 1.6Mb
Russia rus20121210.nm3 2048Mb
Ukraine ukr20121213.nm3 434.1Mb
Belarus blr20121211.nm3 164.3Mb
Kazakhstan kaz20121211.nm3 136.0Mb
Kyrgyzstan kgz20121211.nm3 11.3Mb
Uzbekistan uzb20121211.nm3 24.2Mb
Balkans (Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia) balkan20121217.nm3 307.1Mb
Baltic States (Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia) pribalt20121217.nm3 235.0Mb
Bulgaria bgr20121217.nm3 82.5Mb
Hungary, Romania, Moldova huromd20121217.nm3 269.5Mb
Greece grc20121217.nm3 394.4Mb
Poland pol20121217.nm3 701.4Mb
Czech Republic, Slovakia czsk20121217.nm3 470.4Mb
Turkey tur20121222.nm3 1079.8Mb

What``s new in Navitel Navigator 7:
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The contents of the assembly:
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Installation instructions:
1) Copy the contents of the folder. / Navitel / and. / NavitelContent / on the stick or the internal memory of the navigator.
2) set the path to run Navitel Navigator. / Your flash / Navitel / Navitel.exe

Who does not connect with the satellites (in the open), ie Navigator is set to COM port and speed than COM1 and 57600 bps, it is necessary:
1. learn the number of COM-port and the optimal exchange rate port navigator. To do this, use. / Utilites / PortTool.exe or see hint below:
2. replace the file. / Navitel.exe to a desired folder. / exe_aey_caiaiu_ii?oa_e_nei?inoe / COMX / or use on the PC ./Utilites/Patch_Navitel_N-COM_WinCE_v1.1.exe and ./Utilites/Patch_Navitel_Speed-COM_WinCE_v1.0.exe

Who does not start:
- If you record a program on the navigator or flashcards, pressing the button navigation, Navitel does not start, the browser settings must
choose the path run Navitel Navitel.exe. If there is no choice in the browser start the navigation path, you need to rename Navitel Navitel.exe on track. To determine the path used in the browser by default with the hint file. / Utilites / Executable path run the software in some navigatorah.pdf. Or using the utility on the PC to find / change the path in the registry WinCE navigator: ./Utilites/CeRegEdit_Setup_0.0.5.2.exe

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